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Morochove & Associates Inc., computer consulting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

112 Belmont Street
Toronto, ON M5R 1P8
( +1-877-947-1427

Morochove & Associates Inc. Profile

Computer Consulting Firm
Information Technology Strategy

Helping you get the most value from your business information systems.

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The Firm

Morochove & Associates Inc. was founded in 1988 to assist clients evaluate, purchase, install and use information technology. We specialize in business management applications.

We can help management maximize the benefits from computers by analyzing:

needs unmet by the present system
ways to enhance the value of information
solutions for specific computer problems
upgrades to improve system performance


What We Do

Although the circumstances of each client will vary and dictate the exact requirements, our services might include:

analyzing problems with your system and recommending improvements
evaluating which manual procedures can benefit most from automation
searching for suitable software and hardware to meet your requirements
helping negotiate favourable purchase terms
testing, setting up and installing the system
training your personnel in its operation
preparing procedure checklists for month-end, year-end processing
ongoing support in system operations
developing long term plans for orderly systems growth
downsizing computer systems
creating spreadsheet models, custom accounting reports and financial statements
delivering lectures, short courses and workshops on information technology


Our Clients

Owner-managed companies
Professionals: lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants
Service businesses
Property management and construction
Retailers and distributors
Corporations on the Financial Post 500 list
Investors and entrepreneurs


We Deliver Results

Problem: Client needed to upgrade their computer system due to growth in business. Software compatibility locked them into only one supplier who quoted an exorbitant price

Result: Negotiated with supplier to reduce price by $50,000+, which saved more than 55%.

Problem: Corporate head office ran its financial accounting system on a minicomputer system at an operating unit. Corporate accounts were run only when the division had computer time available. Financial statements were often late.

Result: Installed financial accounting system on personal computers at head office. Now, financial statements are processed immediately after month-end. Bonus: Increased flexibility of PC system permits customized financial reports.

Problem: Eight-year-old minicomputer was running out of capacity for this growing company.

Result: Software was migrated to a local area network of personal computers that doubled the storage capacity and operated much quicker. Bonus: Cost savings from reduced maintenance charges paid for the new network in 18 months.


Our Code of Professional Responsibility

We know that we are being hired for independent judgment and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill and concentrated attention to the solution of a problem. We will provide these skills in a professional and impartial manner.

We do not profit from the sale of computer hardware or software. Nor do we accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, programs, supplies or services to clients, as this could affect our impartiality.

We will guard the confidentiality of all client data and will not derive financial gain based upon inside information.


Our Fees

Fees are based upon the time needed plus expenses incurred in carrying out the assignment. Professional time of consultants or associates are billed at hourly rates quoted upon agreement on the scope of the work, or at a fixed fee if the tasks can be precisely defined.


Why Retain Morochove & Associates Inc.?

1. Expertise We are not trying to be all things to all people. We offer a specialized service in business information technology consulting, with particular concentration on accounting, financial and e-business applications. We have great experience and expertise in our specialty.

2. Efficiency Because we are specialized, we have files and tools that often allow us to perform an assignment better, faster and more economically than clients can on their own.

3. Concentration Because we can concentrate on accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our clients are freed to operate the on-going business with a minimum of diversion.

4. Objectivity We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias. We can provide independent advice, since we do not sell computer hardware or software. We are familiar with a wide range of hardware and software and are not limited to just a few popular systems. This means you have a greater choice and, potentially, a better fit for your needs.


I want more information

Please fill in the e-mail form below if you would like additional information on our services or to arrange an introductory meeting.

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Richard J. Morochove, FCA
Morochove & Associates Inc.
112 Belmont Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1P8 
Phone tollfree: +1 877-947-1427
Office hours: 9-5 EST/EDT
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